so lovely to meet you

would you like an adventure now,

or shall we have tea first?

Growing up, I was enamored by my late father’s artisanal magic as he painted perfect letters stroke by stroke. I remember the smell of ink and paint coming from his garage studio. He ran a small business doing custom painted signs, airbrushing, gold leaf, murals, pin striping motorcycles, airplanes, race cars, and boats. From a young age, I was inspired to hone my own hand-lettering skills just like him.

As a mom of four children, I found myself needing a creative outlet and drawn back to this captivating practice.  I have always loved creative arts and photography so it felt natural to revisit lettering, like it was an old friend. So, while little eyes rested, with a hot tea as my faithful companion, I rekindled my love of lettering and Lamplight was born.  It’s true I have grown up familiar to lettering and sign painting through my fathers work, but it took on a whole new life to me when I discovered it as my own passion.


Part of why calligraphy has brought so much joy in my life are the genuine friendships and connections I have made through learning together in this community. Encouraging others and bringing light to what can feel like a dark world at times has brought me hope. Calligraphy is the human behind the screen. Being open and sharing our stories. It is slowing down and being intentional. Embracing the imperfect and celebrating the process. I am honored to get to know you and hear your story as well! I want to bring the timeless beauty of hand lettering to your home, event or help you add to your own chapter of learning in your life. Please reach out and share with me your questions or your vision and lets work together to make it come to life!